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Brain Stroke Treatment

A stroke is a condition that is typically referred to as a cardiovascular accident or a CVA. During a stroke, blood supply to the brain cells is interrupted leading to cell death. This interruption of regular blood flow could be due to a blockage in the blood vessels (ischemic stroke) or due to the rupturing and bleeding of the blood vessel (haemorrhagic stroke). Lack of oxygen from blood damages the brain cells leading to cell death within minutes. This makes it very important for a person having a stroke to get immediate medical attention and treatment.

If you are suspecting that a family member or a colleague is suffering from a stroke, it is very important to get immediate treatment. ย neumed clinic is your one stop solution which can offer you emergency treatment on brain stroke and handle the complex situation of the clients. The emergency response teams of this clinic are expert to tackle the condition and help the clients to cope with their complex situation. With years of clinical knowledge they provide prompt medical treatment and help the clients recover soon. They diagnose the condition and go a long way in preventing brain damage and cell death, disability and paralysis, and death due to brain stroke. By using advance equipment and latest technology they reduce brain damage and handle other complicate situation in professional way and help the clients to overcome this issue quickly.

We provide most advanced neuro rehabilitations facilities with the help of physical therapist and botulinum toxin along with clinical psychologist.

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