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At Neumed Neurology Clinic, we are well endowed with high standard laboratory to provide ethical, reliable, cost effective and high quality health care and surgical procedures to treat conditions of central and peripheral nervous systems. With well trained and certified laboratory specialist we perform Ecg testing,  blood testing, pathology and other advance procedure to evaluate patient condition and help them cope with their situation. Backed with rich years of experience we are continually revolutionizing the equipment to offer you optimum quality health care service and help the clients satisfied with their health needs. All our laboratory staff are very friendly to offer you advance diagnosis service and cater to the personal needs of the patient and the family while the patient is healing. We will be professional, but compassionate and ensure complete patient satisfaction.

Lead with proficient laboratory expert and other support staff we focus on health care that is personalized and friendly to the patients. We are in the best position to deliver health care of the highest quality and make the clients happy with their health needs.

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